Trailer for "Chinese Lady", by Wenqi Tan



Shao Lan, a Chinese traditional woman, uses her knowledge and personality to teach foreigners Mandarin,and keep herself as the characteristics of Chinese-western merge . Because of three-years living in the UK , six-years living in Australia, she understands what is foreigners’ target about Chinese culture, like Chinese calligraphy , Chinese green tea and so on. This is also a documentary film shows how Chinese live aboard and become attractive. Shao Lan not only try to show her traditional culture to Europe, especially Britain ; of course, she also learns skills to enrich her ordinary life, like playing the piano, British opera; therefore, a traditional Chinese women's lives changes by cultural superposition, and create a different Chinese lady but has the essence of Chinese spirit. During this process of making her own social circle , she always be positive about everything. This unique and somewhat mysterious oriental culture traditional woman, brings the town some special elements. The portrait of Shao Lan provides a structural story of how she celebrates her birthday throughout her teaching, her social, and her thinking of "Chinese". Finally, all aspects relating to her show the passion and power of this elegant mid-age woman Shao Lan.

Screening on 30 November 2016 at London College of Communication