Trailer for "Laoga", by Ansiqi Li



"Laoga" is an 18-minute short documentary film about the current life and past memories of a southern Chinese old widow in a small town called Guanxi, Changde (a southern Chinese city in Hunan province). "Laoga" means great-grandmother in Changde dialect (a variety of Southwestern Mandarin). As a ninety-two-year-old widow with fading short-term memory, Xiaomei Zhou struggles to find out the difference between reality and illusion. She is deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture, and as a Christian, has her own thoughts about life and death.

"Laoga"uses interviews and observational footage to explore the issues of war, faith, traditional culture, death and asks: “When you are old, how do you faceyour everyday life?”

Screens 1 December 2016 at Bertha DocHouse, London