Trailer for "Welcome To Surrey Docks Farm", by Zhu Zhu



"Welcome to Surrey Docks Farm" is a Documentary film whose aim is to discuss the existing proposes of this city farm and why/how to run a city farm in a busy city like London. The director filmed every department of the farm and interviewed a farm manager, Volunteers, a Livestock Manage and Student Training Coordinators to give audiences a full-scale of the farm and its spirits.

Education is the main purpose of Surrey Docks Farm. The farm supplies different training programmes for children and adults. The most important parts of those programmes are the training programmes for adults with learning difficulties. This farm gives them a chance to socialise with different people and learn how to care for animals and grow plants. The director has followed different characters from administration and student training team for days in order to make sure that audiences can clearly understand the concept of Surrey docks Farm. With country music as background and shots of adorable animals, this film has a light, fluent and relaxing style.

Screens on 30 November 2016 at London College of Communication